Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Thank you

Thank you.

Yes, you. The person reading this. Thank you for reading it. Every unique hit on my Blog gives me a sense of self-satisfaction that can only be topped by someone important re-tweeting something you’ve said. It’s better than a birthday full of cake and Lego.

The real Thank You however, is long overdue, and it’s all about Don't Move.

For those who don’t know (what? You’re not following me religiously?! Ridiculous!) Don’t Move is a short film which I wrote and has been subsequently made by the brilliant people of Bloody Cuts.

Bloody Cuts have made some awesome short horror films. Check ‘em out here: http://www.bloodycuts.co.uk/films/

Don’t Move has been filmed, edited and now is in VFX / SFX / score stage. It’s almost ready to show the world.

But it couldn’t have been made without money.

It makes the world go around, apparently, that money stuff. In December we began a Kickstarter campaign to raise £2500 in order to create this bloody beast and the response was amazing.

Within the allotted month we smashed the target, hitting 125% of our intended budget – a whopping £3,125.

The people who contributed are awesome. Doesn’t matter if it was £10 or £175, every penny offered was pumped into this short film and utilized. We literally couldn’t have done it without you (if you funded us…).

Now, this list of names will appear on the credits of the short film – and already appear on the Bloody Cuts website – but I want to burn them permanently into my Blog.

Because I love them. Yes, you. I love you. Irrespective of gender, age or the fact you’re a total stranger.

The contributors include work colleagues, university friends, secondary school buddies, old work colleagues, strangers (to me, anyway), a man who looks like Van Persie, fellow writers, people I met at Frightfest (hey Trev! Maniac’s out soon!), my family, an entire horror film website, my brother’s mates, some Bloody Cutters, the Suckablood himself and one lady devoid of surname (no, not Madonna)…

Ready for the list? In surname order?

I am!

Here goes:

Paul Arends
Martin Ayling
Leaf Beinbridge
Robin Berry
Chelsey Burdon
Wendy Callaghan
Chris Carter
Shaun Carter
Ben Chapman
Cara Clarke
Tom Corrigan
Thomas Crittenden
Adam  Dickens
Andrew Dobell
Brendan & Lo Dodds
Jobel Fajardo
Nicola Fenton
Jonny Franklin
Robert A Franklin
Christopher Goodman
Matt Goodworth
Jay Hall
Mitch Harrod
Boston Haverland
Kim Hirst
Blair Hoyle
David Hughes
Jan Ove Jacobsen
Ben Jacobson
Adam Jewitt
Zachary Judge
Sophie Lee
Chris Lyons
John Mangino
Jeremy Marshall
Mac McSharry
Francis Melton
Michael Mensah-Bonsu
Steven Mitchell
Chris Morrissey
Paul Murphy
Ash Newman
Vincent Noinville
Lewis Osborne
Neil Patrick
Stef Pause
Darren Payne
Kevin Pritchett
David Puckridge
Keith Sammels
Freddie Sandilands
Andrew, Sally & Holly Scullion
George Scullion
Jo Scullion
Pat Scullion
Alan Simmons
Martin Skipper
Freddie Smith
Karen Spencer
Kris Talikowski
Jess Taylor
Martin Unsworth
Jason van Niekerk
Kate Walshe
James Webber
Catriona Whitefield
Lee Williams
Trev Williams
Richard Wood

Strangely, there were three people called Chris and three people called Martin who donated. Clearly Chris and Martin’s are the most awesome people in the world. There was only one person called Leaf, which was surprising. And ten people with a first name beginning with J.

This is exciting, isn’t it? Listing stuff followed by facts. I love it.

I’ll let you all know a little secret too. Huddle close. Listen carefully. One of the people in the list above is actually ME.

That’s right, to avoid looking desperate I added some much-needed cash to the Kickstarter early on (knocking the total up to £1000) under a cheeky pseudonym, not realizing we’d eventually obliterate the target like The Rock hitting a piƱata.

But what alternative name did I use? Answers on a postcard to… erm… I dunno. Just write “Dave” on it and pop it in a letter box. It’ll get to me eventually.

And no, my pseudonym is not “Gorepress”.

So I deliver HUGE thanks to everyone who contributed to Don’t Move – every single penny has been used (and is currently still being used in VFX / SOUND etc…) and slapped on screen to make one of the slickest, bloodiest, boldest short horror films ever made.


I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve been informed it’s “not shit. Not shit at all”.

I’d also like to thank those poor penniless folks who re-tweeted, shared and generally encouraged people to chuck money into this little short film, even if they couldn’t afford to contribute themselves.

Thank you – you rock.

In less than three weeks the culmination of months of hard work combined with your money and support will be unleashed on Scotland (more on this in a later post) and then – some time after – Don’t Move will be revealed to the world.

The official release date of Don't Move is a closely guarded secret. I snuck into Bloody Cuts towers and found a document that said '2013' on it. I think it's a clue! 

Trust me, once they have an official release date you'll know about it. You'll hear a really girly scream somewhere in London, possibly with the air being full of "squee", whatever the hell that is...
So, from the bottom of my dark and twisted heart –


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