Thursday, 5 March 2015

Bluecat Screenplay Competition – Quarter Finals

On Monday night I received an e-mail from the Bluecat Screenplay Competition.

The votes have been counted (do they vote? I don’t know. Probably).

The scripts have been selected.

The results are in.

Did I make it?


No I didn’t.

Insert huge sad face emoticon here. Possibly including a GIF with streaming tears and some audio of a baby screaming like a loon.

Unfortunately THE KIDNAP did not push through to the next round of the Bluecat Screenplay Competition.

Certainly a shame, but I won’t beat myself up about it (or anyone else… probably) – I’m just proud to get in the Top 10% of Bluecat.

Comedy is notoriously difficult to place in screenwriting competitions, because it is incredibly subjective and people have such a vastly differing sense of humour. Is that an excuse? Yes. Trademark “Scullion’s Excuses 2015”.

Congratulations to everyone who got through to the Quarter Finals – this is awesome news.

Right. That was it. Bad news delivered.

Now… on with some rewrites!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Rewrite #4 - Update

The Motivator has not been rewritten.

I know, right? And I bet you were super looking forward to reading it too.


My plan was to have this spec script rewritten by end of February... but that time is upon us.

The outline is complete and 27 stunning pages are glittering away on Final Draft, but that's not enough. Unless anyone wants to film a 27 page unedited horror-comedy script with no conclusion?



The rewrite is not complete due to a billion reasons, including - but not limited to - my day job workload, paid writing work, planning my brother's 30th Birthday, chaos theory, cheese, man's inhumanity to man, juices, TFL and the lonely old man who hides in the corner of your bathroom.

Incidentally my brother Andrew "Scuzz" Scullion is 30 today. Happy Birthday bro! This is the beginning of the end, mate. Pack warm.

Now, it is mostly paid script work that has slowed progress on The Motivator (but that's because it's more important...) and I'm always happy to move personal script work for that.

And my brother. He’s always worth it. He's only 30 once. Probably. Unless magic happens. Fucking magic.

My new deadline for The Motivator rewrite is March 31st, which pushes back my sitcom and feature plans.

Unless something better comes along of course...

P.S. The Bluecat Screenplay Competition Quarter Finalist results are due on Monday night, not Sunday as previously thought. Sorry. Now you'll have to make different plans on Sunday, instead of staring at my Blog, desperately waiting for an update. Maybe watch some TV and have some Pringles? Invite Bob round. He'd like that.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Bluecat Screenplay Competition Round 1

Competition news!

I have made it into the Top 10% of the Bluecat Screenplay Competition.

Revealed at 10pm on Sunday 15th February, 10% of entries made it through to the first round (approximately 450 entries out of 4494 entries).

My comedy script THE KIDNAP* made the cut and will be progressing towards the next round with those other talented folks.

*Yes, this is the same script that I finished rewriting on Valentine's Day! So it's even better than what Bluecat have (probably... maybe... hopefully!).

Commiserations to those in the 90% who didn't get through - keep on entering those competitions. Keep that hope jar full.

The quarter-finalists will be revealed on March 1st. Fingers crossed I'll have good news to reveal then too.

For a full list of the Top 10 percenters, check out the Bluecat website HERE.

Thank you Bluecat, you f*ckin' rock. What a competition.


Awesome stuff.

Have a great week!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Rewrite #3 Complete – The Kidnap

Yes, it’s the blog post you’ve been absolutely desperately waiting for!

I have finished the rewrite of THE KIDNAP, my America-set comedy – the third rewrite in my ‘writing plan’ as posted HERE 

Exciting news, huh?



So, what is THE KIDNAP about?

Well, the ‘logline’ is below:

When Jody’s girlfriend is kidnapped because of her incompetent drug-dealing, Jody must rekindle two long-dead relationships in order to rescue the love of her life... from a psychotic Mexican drug-lord.

And yes, I did spend Valentine’s Day rewriting one of my scripts. I’m such a romantic!

As a special Valentine’s Day treat, my wonderful lady Jessica Taylor had the absolute pleasure of doing a read-through of the entire script with me. Out-loud. Both of us. Being about twenty different characters.

I spoil her, right?

Much better than a bunch of flowers or an actual gift or something that she’d actually want. Oh yes. Much better…

If you fancy reading a sneak preview of THE KIDNAP, then there’s even a SAMPLE of the first 10 pages on my website (alongside other script samples).

Check this out HERE

The ‘scripts’ section on my website also includes the first ten pages of my other recently-rewritten scripts BROKEN HOME and LIARS END, amongst other projects.


3 rewrites down, 1 to go.

Hello THE MOTIVATOR. I’m coming for you.